Mano Erina to become new Hello! Project Soloist

Hello! Pro Egg and Ongaku Gatas member Mano Erina is to graduate from both groups on the 29th of March 2008 and to debut as a soloist within Hello! Project.

I’m hoping she’ll be added to the Wonderful Hearts concert unit and get actual solo releases though you never know with Hello! Project.

This is good news none the less, Erina is one of my favourite of the Hello! Pro Egg. She’s not the best singer but she is utterly adorable and not too young to debut, two years older than Matsuura Aya was in fact.

The future of Ongaku Gatas could be in question what with both Ishikawa Rika and Mano Erina becoming soloists this year, though nothing suggests the group will cease to have releases. In fact, they could just replace Erina with another member of the Hello! Pro Egg. On the topic of Ishikawa, I find it unlikely she’ll see any solo releases.

Erina’s final performance with the Hello! Pro Egg will be on March 29th at their 2008 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 3gatsu ~Kirameki no Yokohama~ concert. She will graduate from Ongaku Gatas today at their Ongaku Gatas First Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Mi Zaru Shuku Zaru GOODSAL!~ concert.

After her graduation from Hello! Pro Egg at the end of this month she’s apparently entering intensive training for her solo debut so I doubt we’ll be hearing much from her until later this year.

Source: Hello! Project Official Website