Milky Way Revealed


The mysterious new Hello! Project unit that has been speculated on for days is finally revealed as Morning Musume’s Kusumi Koharu and Hello! Pro Egg’s Kikkawa Yuu and Kitahara Sayaka.

The unit is of course for Kusumi’s anime Kirarin Revolution in which Kikkawa and Kitahara both voice new characters. I have a feeling the unit will be somewhat like Kira*Pika and will last as long as the characters do in the anime. I’m not a massive fan of Kusumi Koharu and to see her in yet another unit is somewhat annoying. I liked Kikkawa Yuu in the eighth generation Morning Musume auditions and this will be the first time I’ve seen Kitahara Sayaka do anything besides dancing and performing at the Hello! Pro Egg concerts.

This will be the first single Kikkawa has participated in and the second for Kitahara who sang on the campaign single Sora ga Aru.

Their debut single Anataboshi will be released on 2008-04-30 and the Single V on 2008-05-08.