Nishiki Kazare PV Preivew

Kokuchi-Ch, TNX’s answer to Dohhh Up! has recently uploaded a preview clip of Canaria Club’s upcoming 4th single PV. I rather like the song, which is a first from Canaria Club and the PV looks a little higher budget than last time round. It’s not all a blank set at least anyway.

The girls are looking a lot cuter than they did at debut and I’m glad they’ve ditched the “uniforms” they wore for their first couple of singles.

Their 4th single Nishiki Kazare will be released on the Good Factory Record label on 2008-0409 and the tracklist will be as follows;

  1. Nishiki Kazare
  2. HAPPY ya naa!
  3. Nishiki Kazare (Instrumental)
  4. HAPPY ya naa!