Kago Ai Makes First Video Appearance since 2006

Former Hello! Project member Kago Ai has given her first video interview for OhmyNews and the interview will be released in six parts, the first has already been streamed online and is available to watch in a link provided below.

In the interview Kago is asked some difficult questions about the two scandals which led to the termination of her contract with Up-Front Agency. She talks about the divorce her parents were going through and how she felt at that time, obviously not too happy.

As you can see from the picture above and from the interview Kago has matured into a quite beautiful young woman, it’s hard to believe she is now 20 years old. According to Nikkan Sports she aims to reenter show business as an actress, time will tell if she can accomplish this difficult feat, will an agency touch her?

I realize I’m a little slow in following this story and also I never really thought I’d be reporting on Kago again, I’m glad to see she is looking well!

[Video] @ Ohmynews