Today’s Releases (2008-04-23)


  • Fujimoto Miki Oki Tegami (6th Single)
  • v-u-denNanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU (10th Single) (Limited with DVD)
  • C-uteNamida no Iro (5th Single) (Limited with DVD)
  • AKB48Himawari Gumi 1st stage Boku no Taiyo (Concert DVD)

Three Hello! Project singles released on the same day?! Seems a little odd having three artists from the same company battling it out on the charts though maybe some hardcore fans will pick up all three singles at the same time? I love Fujimoto Miki’s new single though I’ve yet to hear the c/w as my copy is at home and I am not. v-u-den’s final single is really nice, what really makes it special is the solo tracks included on it. Ishikawa Rika’s solo in particular is very good. C-ute’s 5th single is good, better than their last in my opinion though still not as good as Tokkaiko Junjou. I haven’t seen the Himawari Gumi concert so I can’t really comment on it. This seems like the first time in ages I’ve posted an AKB48 release though.