Hello! Project News Round-Up

Well, I go to work for 7 hours and come home and a whole lot of stuff seems to have gone down in Hello! Project land!

Firstly, Mano Erina will release her debut indie single on 2008-06-29 (next Sunday), at a handshake event, the single will retail for 800Yen. Shortly after this event the single will be available to fan-club members and sold through a few online retailers to Japan only customers so that means if you want it, you’re going to have to ask a friend in Japan to get it for you or try your luck with auction websites. The single will be called Mano Piano and will feature Mano accompanying herself on piano, a Hello! Project first I believe! Pictured above is the single cover.

In other news, Iida Kaori will return to show business from her maternity leave on July 7th to take part in an environmental event, I’m not sure if she’ll be resuming full activities after this but this her first public appearance since giving birth.

Yajima Maimi will have her own radio show entitled C-ute Yajima Maimi no I My Me <3 Maimi~ on FM PORT from 23:00 – 00:00 JST.

Tsuji Nozmi made an appearance at Nakazawa Yuko’s recent birthday concert which apparently surprised Yuko herself, Tsuji sang happy birthday and presented Nakazawa with a cake which and then proceeded to cheekily blow the candles out. This is also Tsuji’s first public appearance since giving birth.

The rumors of Goto Maki signing with Avex have intensified with UFA removing Goto’s profile from their artist database and several newspapers reporting that the official announcement of Goto’s contract with Avex will be made on 2008-06-22. Time will tell. Edit: Just read this topic, the news is too fast and too exciting for me to update constantly!!