Berryz Koubou 5th Album & “New” Single

Berryz Koubou will release their 5th album on 2008-09-10. The limited edition will include a DVD which will feature footage from their concert performance filmed 2008-07-21. The regular edition will include a photo card and as of yet the album is untitled.

The group will also release Dschinghis Khan Onkochishin Remix on 2008-08-27, currently it’s listed as their 18th single though as it’s only a remix of their last single I’m not sure what the situation is.

The title of the remix means something like “learning from the past” and according to Neowing the remix will be a mix of Berryz Koubou’s version and Dschinghis Khan’s original. I’m not sure if it’s a new recording with Dschinghis Khan.