Canary Club Single V Clips 1

Canary Club will release their first PV compilation on 2008-09-10 on the Good Factory Record Label, the tracklist is below;


  2. Seishun Banzai!
  3. FAITH!
  4. Nishiki Kazare
  5. Hitomi ga Kirakirara

Special Content

  1. SWEET&TOUGHNESS (Close-up Ver.)
  2. Yume wo Shinjite (PV)
  3. Dounika Shite (PV)
  4. Seishun Banzai! (Close-up Ver.)
  5. Seishun Banzai! (Dance Ver.)
  6. FAITH! (Close-up Ver.)
  7. FAITH! (Dance Ver.)
  8. Nishiki Kazare (Close-up Ver.)
  9. Nishiki Kazare (Dance Ver.)
  10. Nishiki Kazare (Making-of)
  11. Hitomi ga Kirakirara (Close-up Ver.)
  12. Hitomi ga Kirakirara (Dance Ver.)
  13. Hitomi ga Kirakirara (Making-of)


  1. Nishiki Kazare (Captioned)
  2. Hitomo ga Kirakirara (Captioned)