Haromoni@ To End On 2008-09-28?

There are rumors flying around that Morning Musume’s television program Haromoni@ will cease airing on 2008-09-28. These rumors come from a Japanese blog that apparently has ties to the entertainment industry and therefore should not be completely disregarded. I think it would be better to wait for some sort of official statement before deciding that the show is dead and buried however.

The blog states that TV Tokyo will not announce the end of the show but it will be announced in various newspapers closer to the time.

I’m not really fan of Haromoni@ as I find the Moutube segments more than a little tedious and the animal ears thing was just plain silly from the outset, it doesn’t fit with the mature image Morning Musume has recently been portraying.

If the show does come to an end I hope there’s something else in the pipeline for Morning Musume or even better a show featuring more of the members of Hello! Project. I don’t however want to see a show dominated by Berryz Koubou / C-ute.