Today’s Releases (2008-08-27)


  • Niigaki RisaRobby to Kerobby Vol.12 (Anime DVD)
  • C-uteEdo no Temari Uta II (6th Single V)
  • Kusumi Koharu / MilkyWay / SHIPS Kirarin☆Revolution Song Selection 4 (4th Anime Album)
  • Abe NatsumiEnd of Summer (9th Photobook with Making-Of DVD)

Nacchi releases her 9th photobook today, from the previews I’ve seen it looks pretty awesome! I’m also (uncharacteristically) excited about the Kirarin album as it has solo versions of MilkyWay’s single, which means a Kikkawa solo version of Anataboshi! SHIPS single is also on there for those of you who missed it, it was pretty good!