Today’s Releases (2008-09-17)


  • Tanaka Reina Onegai My Melody Kirara☆ Melody 2 (Anime DVD)
  • Yaguchi MariKasupe! Tosochu 3 ~run for money~ (Variety DVD)
  • v-u-denv-u-den Concert Tour 2008 Shoka Biyudensetsu V ~Saishuu Densetsu~ (Concert DVD)
  • THE PossibleKyuukyoku no The Possible Best Number Shou 1 (2nd Album)
  • Berryz KoubouDschinghis Khan Tartar Mix (1st Remix Single)

Quite a full set of releases today; It’s probably the last time v-u-den will have a release as a group (apart from a fanclub DVD which might be coming up). Their last concert DVD looks pretty special with a good set-list and a pretty cool extras disc. Berryz Koubou’s remix single is pretty well done, it ranked at #12 in it’s first day of sales. I’m looking forward to hearing the Kaze no Uwasa remix and the new track on THE Possible’s album but other than that it’s just a compilation of their releases up until this point.

Update: v-u-den’s DVD ranked at #5 today.