New Hello! Pro Egg Unit – Shugo Chara Egg

The aforementioned new Hello! Pro Egg unit was announced yesterday as Shugo Chara Egg and consists of four of the most popular members of Hello! Pro Egg; Saho Akari, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka and Fukuda Kanon. Many fans have been waiting for a while for Fukuda Kanon to be added to a group so this should come as welcome news. As far as I know this is the first group for both Fukuda and Wada, Maeda was in High-King a few months ago and Saho is a member of Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai.

They will release their first single on 2008-12-10 titled Minna no Tamago (Everyone’s Egg). I’ve added this to the release dates page as well as a wealth of other releases up to February 2009!