Today’s Releases


  • Morning MusumePepper Keibu (37th Single) (Limited A with DVD) (Limited B with Photobook)
  • Ongaku GatasCome Together (3rd Single V)
  • Matsuura AyaMatsuura Aya Concert Tour 2008 Haru “AYA The Witch” (Concert DVD)

Morning Musume release their much anticipated 37th single today, it ranked at #4 in the Daily Charts which isn’t bad considering it’s up against the likes of Mr.Children and Ayaka x Kokuburu, I fear it will rank outside the Top-5 but let’s wait and see.

For those of you who are interested in sales and the likes, Ongaku Gatas latest singles has managed to outsell their last single by a few thousand copies which is always reassuring.