Poll Results: Favourite Current Morning Musume Member?

Well these results are quite interesting and rather different from other recent poll results, I wonder why? Does my blog attract Junjun / Linlin lovers? Kusumi also ranked pretty low, almost shockingly so as she is generally quite a popular member. So here are the results;

1st Place: Junjun (113 Votes, 20%)
2nd Place: Takahashi Ai (84 Votes, 15%)
3rd Place: Niigaki Rsa (72 Votes, 13%)
4th Place: Linlin (68 Votes, 12%)
4th Place: Tanaka Reina (68 Votes, 12%)
5th Place: Kamei Eri (66 Votes, 12%)
6th Place: Michishige Sayumi (46 Votes, 8%)
7th Place: Kusumi Koharu (25 Votes, 4%)
8th Place: Mitsu Aika (19 Votes, 3%)

Total Votes: 561