Lots of New Upcoming Releases!

Hello! Project seems to be bombarding us with a slew of upcoming releases, below is a list of all newly announced products. Take note of the MEGA Best albums, these are interesting and pretty cool but at the same time have little selling power I feel. I think I’ll perhaps pick up Pucchi Best 9, Country Musume MEGA Best and Taiyo to Ciscomoon (T&C Bomber) MEGA Best if I can afford it!


  • C-uteUntitled (7th Single)


  • T&C BomberTaiyo to Ciscomoon (T&C BOMVER) MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • Country MusumeCountry Musume MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • Nakazawa YukoNakazawa Yuko MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • Tanpopo / PucchimoniTanpopo / Pucchimoni MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • Melon KinenbiMelon Kinenbi MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • V.A.Shuffle Units MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • V.A. – Special Units MEGA Best (Best-Of Album)
  • V.A.Pucchi Best 9 (Compilation Album)
  • V.A.Pucchi Best 9 DVD (PV Collection DVD)


  • Kusumi KoharuUntitled (3rd Album)