Five Members of AKB48’s Team A to Graduate

Rather shockingly five members of AKB48’sTeam A are to graudte within a few days at the end of their most recent stage; Team A 4th Stage Revival.

The members to graduate are;

  1. 戸島花 (Tojima Hana)
  2. 駒谷仁美 (Komatani Hitomi)
  3. 大江朝美 (Ooe Tomomi)
  4. 中西里菜 (Nakanisha Rina)
  5. 成田梨紗 (Narita Risa)

All of these members are reasonbly popular, so it’s quite surprising they’re all graduating at once. I’m less surprised to see Narita Risa and Komatani Hiromi leave as they haven’t participated in any singles since 2006 but Nakasahina Rina and Tojima Haruna are both front-girls…