Covers for Pucchi Best 9 and Mega Best Releases

The covers for the upcoming Pucchi Best 9 compilation album as well as the Hello! Project Mega Best releases have been revealed. Some are really nice and some are rather less so;

Pucchi Best 9


Not too bad, not particularly inspiring but then the Pucchi Best covers never are. Kusumi appears three times on this cover. Ugh.


See above.

Nakazawa Yuko

Now this is what I’m talking about, Yuko looks stunning! I’m really tempted to buy this almost entirely for the cover. It’s simple yet elegant, Hello! Project gets it right sometimes I suppose.

Abe Natsumi

A little strange and why is she wearing a rug? It’s cute though and at least it’s not just a stock photo or covers of her earlier works.

Tanpopo / Pucchimoni

Quite a simple cover but by no means awful, it does what it says on the tin I suppose. It’s quite similiar to the cover for Tanpopo’s earlier best-of album.

Taiyo to Ciscomoon / T&C Bomber

This is also really nice, a bit like Yuko’s it’s simple yet very visually appealing. I like how they’ve incorporated the group’s logo and the font is really pretty. The picture they’ve used for the group is also very, very flattering as I used to think some of their cover art and publicity shots were a little odd.

Country Musume

One word: Love. I’ve always been a big fan of Country Musume and this cover does them justice. It’s light-hearted and with a good sense of humour, just like the group. It’s a little sad they haven’t included Kobayashi or Yanigahara on the cover but then I suppose that’s to be expected; they would have very little photos of the two. I suppose they were only featured on one song as well, due to well known reasons.

Melon Kinenbi

This is sort of cool but also very cheap. I like the pictures they’ve used but they could have put in some more effort witht the font and the colour behind the font, it’s a little sickly looking. I also don’t like the way the photos have just been squarely alinged one next to the other. A nice group shot what have ultimately been better.

Shuffle Units

Okay I can see what they’re trying to do here and it almost works, but why does it have to be in a pixelated style? Was someone let loose with MS Paint again or something? I have a feeling this might look better bigger but it’s a little sore on my eyes I have to say.

Special Groups

Ouch. This hurts. What an awful cover, it’s almost like no effort has gone into this and I’m slightly horrified by the choice of covers. Not good!