Today’s Releases (2008-12-10)

I’ve stopped posting daily releases lately as I feel they’re sometimes a bit redundant but today we have a lot of big releases so I think it might be worthwhile giving them a mention!


  • Shugo Chara EggMinna no Tamago (1st Single)
  • Abe NatsumiAbe Natsumi Best Selection 15 Shoku no Nigaoe Tachi (1st Best-Of Album) (CD + DVD)
  • T&C BomberTaiyo to Ciscomoon (T&C BOMVER) MEGA Best (1st Best-Of Album)
  • Country MusumeCountry Musume MEGA Best (1st Best-Of Album)
  • Nakazawa YukoLegend (1st Best-Of Album)
  • Tanpopo / PucchimoniTanpopo / Pucchimoni MEGA Best (1st Best-Of Album)
  • Melon KinenbiMEGA MELON (2nd Best-Of Album)
  • V.A.Shuffle Units MEGA Best (Compilation Album)
  • V.A. – Special Units MEGA Best (Compilation Album)
  • V.A.Pucchi Best 9 (Compilation Album)
  • V.A.Pucchi Best 9 DVD (PV Collection DVD)
  • C-uteFOREVER LOVE (7th Single V)
  • MilkyWay / SHIPSKirarin Revolution 3rd Tour Stage 2 (Anime DVD)

The Hello! Project compilation album Pucchi Best 9 as well as all of the Mega Best albums were released today, the highest charting being Abe Natsumi’s at #15 in Oricon; it’s bound to fall substantially though considering the success of her latest single (more on that in the next post).

Pucchi Best 9 has charted at #22 today and like Nacchi’s album will most likely fall out of the Top 30 very soon.

All of the other albums have failed to chart within the Top 30.

On a more optimistic note Shugo-Chara Egg’s debut single Manna no Tamago has charted at #5 in the Oricon Daily Charts – quite impressive for a group of newbies. We’ll see how that does all week I guess, let’s hope for a Top Ten ranking at the end of the week. Although the single isn’t my cup of tea I’d be more than happy for any Hello! Project group to have some success right now!