Lowest Ever Sales for Nacchi

Hello! Project soloist Abe Natsumi’s latest single Screen which was released 2008-12-03 ranked at #29 in the Oricon Weekly Charts last week just scraping a top 30 ranking and selling a shockingly low 4,848 copies. Although Nacchi’s single sales have decreased in the last few years they’ve never been particularly bad and certainly not as low as this. The single peaked at #10 in the daily charts last week and fell from there, it’s highest chart point this week has been #50.

The reason for such low sales? Next to no promotion, only one edition of the single and no TV performances. This is a really awesome single and Up-Front should be ashamed for under promoting it. Abe has certainly lost her earlier popularity but there’s no reason that this single should have sold as low as it did.

Her best-of album which came out on 2008-12-10 debuted at #15 in the album charts and dropped to 31 the following day.