2009 Hopes / Predictions / Fears

Well it’s very nearly the end of the year again and I quite enjoying doing these lists so hear they are, my hopes, predictions and fears for Hello! Project, TNX and AKB48 in 2009! Like last year I’ll put likelihood in brackets.


  • Morning Musume release their 9th studio album, a Mandarin duet from JunLin would be lovely! (4)
  • Fujimoto Miki releases her 7th single – Okitegami is pretty much done, it was nice but we’ve heard it enough already! (3)
  • Mano Erina makes her major debut and manages to sell relatively well, (4)
  • The Elder Club don’t stop making releases despite them no longer being members of Hello! Project, (2)
  • SHIPS sell better! (Could this really be hard considering the sales of their last single?) (3)
  • Ice Creamusume quickly release some original material, (3)
  • Kago Ai releases her mini-album which is already supposed to be out! (3)
  • Goto Maki finally gets a single from Avex,
  • Tsuji Nozomi appears at the final Elder Club concert (this has already been semi-confirmed though not by Up-Front), (3)
  • Ohori Meshibe releases a second single, (2)
  • No more major graduations from AKB48, (2)
  • We see more of SKE48, (4)


  • Ice Creamusume fails to make an impact in Japan, (3)
  • Mano Erina becomes the “new Kusumi Koharu,” only more loveable, (3)
  • Morning Musume graduation? (3)
  • Berryz Koubou / C-ute graduation? (3)
  • New Hello! Project groups, once again temporary, (4)
  • Oogoe Diamond will be the high point of AKB48 sales, (3)


  • More auditions, Up-Front needs to concentrate on the artists it has (3)
  • Morning Musume graduation, the 9nin lineup is good! (3)
  • Hello! Project keeps the Wonderful Hearts / Elder Club scheme and Morning Musume as well as some Eggs comrpise the Elder Club, (Please no!) (2)
  • Scandal…(2)