New Ice Creamusume Artist Profile [Update: New Info]

New Hello! Project group Ice Creamusume are now listed on the official Japanese website though not under Wonderful Hearts as I had hoped but rather under ハロプロ台湾, Hello Pro Taiwan. I suppose that makes sense and I wonder if we’re going to see more groups from Taiwan? I’d say so.

[Update:] The Japanese version of Ice Creamusume’s debut mini-album will be sold at the Elder Club concert on 2009-01-31. Also the Japanese PV for the album’s featured track has been released and is viewable on the right as always.

You can see the group shot and profile pictures below though they’re the same as everywhere else we’ve seen;

Ice Creamusume

Shenshen, Anchii, Peipei, Youko, Reirei, Guuchan.