News Roundup

Recent Releases


  • Ice Creamusume 1st Zui Bang! (Debut Mini-Album) (Taiwan Release)
  • MilkyWay / SHIPSKirarin Revolution 3rd Tour Stage 3 (Anime DVD)

Ice Creamusme released their debut album, 1st Zui Bang! in Taiwan yesterday and after an initial listen I must say I really like it! Strictly speaking there is only one new track, their debut song for which their is a PV. There are three Morning Musume covers and the Ame no Furenai… song that was originally performed in concert and mostly in Japanese. There voices aren’t amazing but far from awful, quite endearing really.

Tomorrow (2009-01-11) Canary Club member Sugiura Riho (Rippon) will graduate from the group and TNX to focus on her studies apparently, this has been known for a few months and as I’m not too familiar with the group I’m not sure what effect her graduation will have. Best of luck to her anyway!

On the right you will notice the PVs for Kusumi Koharu’s Hapi Hapi Sunday and Buono!’s have been released. Koharu’s single isn’t as bad as Papancake and I really like Buono!’s new single, the PV is pretty nice too.