Goto Maki Avex Debut! [Update: Full PV!]

[Update: Full PV on the right!]

Goto Maki’s official website has had an update to promote her recently announced debut digital single with Avex titled Fly Away. The single has quite a cool, edgy feel and features a pretty cool dance routine as seen in the preview of the PV which you can have a peek at below! The PV seems of quite high quality, especially for a non-physical release. The artist is listed as SWEET BLACK feat. Goto Maki, I’ve no idea who or what SWEET BLACK is so I’m not sure if this is a colloboration or not though I suppose it would appear that way?

The song is being released as ringtone on 2009-01-21 though it most likely won’t be the full song as chaku-uta releases rarely, if ever are.

The song is bound to be released in full at some point in 2009 hopefully as well as her unreleased track Hear Me.

So we have two Goto Maki tracks to look forward to, this and her collaboration with ravex next month!