Naichau Kamo Ranks at #3

Morning Musume’s latest single Naichau Kamo has ranked at #3 in the Weekly Oricon charts with sales of 44,121 – better than their last 4,000 below Resonant Blue. Not bad at all – it’s nice to still see Morning Musume charting high! They were only around 2,000 copies behind the #2, Acid Black Cherry.

Sales weren’t so favourable for soloist Matsuura Aya who managed to sell only 757 copies of her single in the second week bringing her to a total of 4,795 so far. Pretty poor for the once mega-idol Matsuura.

The ravex / BoA / Goto Maki colloboration single charted at #8 with sales of 15,074 – I expected this to do a bit better as all the tracks on the single are amazing! It quite possibly has more long lasting selling power than Naichau Kamo though.