Kago does it again!

I haven’t been very up to date with my blogging lately as it’s almost exam season here and I’m very busy however I think I’ll take a break from the books for this post!

Former Hello! Project idol Kago Ai has once again found herself caught up in a scandal, this time with a married man! 20 year old Kago seems to have a thing for older men as her new beau is 33 years old and apparently a somewhat well known actor, though I have never heard of him – Hidejiro Mizumoto anyone? Kago’s agency haven’t exactly confirmed the rumour yet though they haven’t denied it. Mizumoto’s soon to be ex-wife is suing both Kago and Mizumoto for monetary damages for apparently 10million yen from Kago and 50million yen from Mizumoto; this is a lot of money!

Head over to Hello! Online for the full story.