AKB48 Approaching 100,000 Sales

AKB48’s latest single 10nen Sakura which was released two weeks ago charted at No.4 in it’s first week and rather surprisingly No.7 in it’s second week – actually beating Berryz Koubou’s first week for their own new single, Dakishimete Dakishimete.

In their first week the single sold a staggeringly good 66,261 copies and last week an amazing 26,375 copies giving a total so far of 92,601!! It will most likely reach 100,000 this week if not in the next.

It seems as though AKB48 may be the new idol group to watch – the promotion the recieve is pretty excellent and theater promotion alone sells many, many copies. The numerous events they have, often almost every day of the week are bound to help as well!

Just goes to show how much good promotion and a decent PV can do – I bet DefStar are wishing they had never let AKB48 go!

To celebrate these sales I’ve finally updated the Release Schedule with all of the upcoming AKB48 releases until the end of April!