New Hello! Pro Egg Unit + 6th Generation Hello! Pro Egg

New Egg Unit April 09

Hello! Project producer Tsunku announced on his blog today that a new Hello! Pro Egg unit will debut this Autumn. The unit is as of yet unamed as is the unit’s purpose, Egg units have in the past been created for some purpose after all – anime, campaigns.

The group is made up of;

  • Ogawa Saki
  • Fukuda Kanon
  • Wada Ayaka
  • Maeda Yuuka

So basically Shugo-Chara Egg! with Ogawa Saki replacing Saho Akari, right? Tsunku describes their debut as their major debut – this may refer to either the group becoming full members of Hello! Project and graduating from Hello! Pro Egg or simply releasing a CD through a major record label, not an indies label like the earlier THE Possible singles. Tsunku also mentions on his blog that this line-up may change in the run up to the debut of the unit, he may change members, add members or even remove members in order to create the best group possible.

Also announced is the joining of two new Hello! Pro Egg members; 佐藤綾乃 (Sato Ayano; Ayanon) 瀬崎あずさ (Sezaki Azusa; Azuzu). Ayano was actually introduced in a recent magazine article though at the time it wasn’t too clear on who she actually was! These two mark the 6th generation of Hello! Pro Egg. Hello! Pro Egg is proving to be quite a good opportunity for these young girls and women to debut in the entertainment industry, even if it is only on radio, stage or internet. I think these girls are probably a little better known than some of their male counterparts in Johnny’s Juniors who go unamed on occasion!