Hello! Project 49 Member Shuffle Unit

It has been announced by various online retailers that Hello! Project will release a cover album with a theme based around, wait for it, “Happy Weddings.” The album will be a selection of covers with this theme from the 60s to the 90s and will include some “big hits” apparently. Tsunku seems to be digging covers lately. Online retailers are sighting the group name simply as “Hello! Project,” this could change, it would be nice if they used “Hello! Project All Stars” again but I doubt it. I’m hoping this is in reference to Fujimoto Miki and not completely irrelevant as Hello! Project songs so often are. According to Neowing the album will have shuffled members as well as solos. Considering there are 49 members taking part I would imagine we’re getting;

Morning Musume
Berryz Koubou
Hello! Pro Egg
Mano Erina

Doesn’t seem to be any room for Ice Creamusume or SI*NA. I think this is a bit of an odd choice for an album considering the average age of most of the “new” Hello! Project but nevertheless it should prove interesting if nothing else. First press will come with one of six photocards.
チャンプル~ハッピーマリッジソング集~ (仮)
新生Hello! Projectメンバー49名がカバーアルバムを発売!!
初回:フォトカード (5~6種のうちいずれか1種ランダム)封入予定

From Neowing.