Review: Ama no Jaku

Smileage Ama no Jaku

Artist: S/mileage
Title: ぁまのじゃく (Ama no Jaku)
Release Date: 2009-06-07


  1. ぁまのじゃく
  2. ぁまのじゃく(Instrumental)

Fresh from Hello! Pro Egg, S/milage released their debut indie single Ama no Jaku a few days ago under the TNX label though as far we all know, they are still under the Hello! Project umbrella and may release their major debut under a different, Up-Front label.

Their debut single was supposed to portray a mature yet cute image and the single manages this to varying degrees. The song opens quite nicely with a pretty cool, edgy sounding intro, different to the usual fare of nursery-rhyme like melodies we’re used to hearing from young groups in Hello! Project. The song continues on a similiar vein with a pretty decent menu and above average vocals from the girls, especially Fukuda Kanon and Maeda Yuuka.

I can’t help however but be a little disapointed by the chorus, it was, for want of a better word, a little bit bleh. It lacks a distinctive melody and isn’t too markedly different from the rest of the song, throughout the entire song I find myself waiting for something bigger to happen and sadly it never really happens.

Overall, Ama no Jaku is a pretty decent debut single from S/milage and as an indie release of it’s pretty decent quality. From the previews the PV looks pretty impressive and this is a cut above both Mano Erina and THE Possible’s indie debut as far as I’m concerned. I hope their major debut will have a little more oomph though.

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10