Maeda Yuki to release 1st Album (2009-09-09)


It has been announced that ex-Hello! Project enka extraordinaire Maeda Yuki will release her first album, after nine years in showbusiness on 2009-09-09! Understandably I’m rather shocked by this announcement though it’s most definitely awesome, I’ll definitely be taking a trip out to pick this up!

The album is titled 全曲集, Zenkyokushuu which literally translates as Complete Song Collection so it’s quite possibly just a collection of all of her singles – it’s safe to see that that will be the bulk of the album anyway! I’m hoping for a few new tracks though! It’ll be good to get the harder to get singles such as Naki Usagi in physical format – I have most of what she’s done but not the early singles!

Support Maeda and buy this, please!