Oricon for Kago Ai, Melon Kinenbi & AKB48


Kago Ai & Melon Kinenbi both released singles today, Kago’s being her debut solo single and the Melon Kinenbi single being the first of five colloborations, this one with Beat Crusaders.

Kago has charted at No.26 with no hesitAtIon, I was hoping she’d chart a bit higher but I guess I shouldn’t expect too much, especially as there hasn’t been too much promotion for this single.

Rather surprisingly Melon Kinenbi have charted at No.27 with Don’t Say Goodbye and considering this is an indie release sold only at Tower Records the ranking isn’t half bad!

The real victiory in the charts this week is for AKB48 who have managed to reach No.2 in their first day of sales with 41,064 copies of their new single Namida Surprise! sold in one day!! Amazing!