News Roundup

As I’m away from home right now I haven’t kept up with the happenings in J-Pop over the last few days and a few interesting things have went down!

It has been announced that C-ute member Arihara Kanna is leaving C-ute and Hello! Project after five months of absence due to bunions, one can’t help but feel that maybe the bunions weren’t the only reason for her absence.

It has also been announced that former Hello! Project soloist Goto Maki will release her debut mini-album with Avex on 2009-09-16!

Finnaly, TNX enka soloist Karen was recently challeneged offered the chance to be signed by major record label Victor should she be able to sell 1,000 copies of her debut single through street performances and lose 15kg in weight. She’s completed the sales part of her challenge and the single is pretty nice if you like enka!