New Single for THE Possible – “Family – Tabidachi no Asa” (09-09-09)

五人THE ポッシボー

It was announced today that finally, THE Possible will release their fourth major single this September and for the first time they will appear as a five person unit following the August graduation of Oose Kaede. I’ve done a bit of an Up-Front and cropped Oose out of the picture above to give an impression of the trimmed down line-up!

The single will be titled Family~旅立ちの朝~, Family~Tabidachi no Asa~ and will be released on 2009-09-09, according to descriptions the single will be a ballad but with a distinctive THE Possible feel. I’m glad the girls are releasing something else!

The single will be released in two editions, a limited edition with a DVD and a regular CD-only edition.