Disappointing Sales for Mano’s latest single

Mano Erina (June 2006)

Mano Erina’s 3rd Major Single, Sekai wa Summer Party, has charted at No.10 in the Oricon Weekly Charts with sales of 14,111 – almost 10,000 copies than the first week sales of her last two singles.

While this seems pretty disappointing it may be that UFA has decided to spread release events over two weeks instead of one and perhaps she’ll have a decent second week, hopefully achieving sales of at least 20,000 copies.

I like Mano Erina but I feel her major releases have been far too formulaic with a piano opening followed by some cutesy pop number, I’d like to hear her do something else and while I realize that the piano is her gimmick and her voice isn’t all that strong she has enough character to pull off something a little more satisfying.