New releases for next year

To start things off, Morning Musume‘s 42nd single has been revealed along with a release date, keep in mind that both are still subject to change before the date. The single is titled 女が目立って なぜイケナイ (Onna ga Medatte naze Ikenai, What’s wrong with woman standing out?) and will (for now) be released on 2010-02-10 in four different versions. This will be the first Morning Musume single to not feature Koharu as she graduates in just a few short days, on December 6.

I just recieved my newsmail from cdjapan today and it featured a new release for AKB48 due out a week later, 2010-02-17. So far the single remains Untitled but according to the description, it will feature a graduation song and both versions of the single(from what I’ve seen as of now) are CD+DVD editions, both featuring different Music Videos.

Also on E-hon’s page it was revealed that Mano Erina will be releasing a new Image DVD titled Mano Guide in Yakushima which release date is on 2010-01-27. We can assume that there might be an upcoming Photobook announcement a few days before the DVD release date as it has been the custom with the most recent Hello!Project Photobook releases as of late.

Guardians 4 also have a single announced for next year, the title being ‘Going on!’ which will be going on sale on 2010-01-27 with the Single V coming out the week after on 2010-02-03.

And Mano Erina also has a new single announced for next year, due out on 2010-02-24 and so far the title has been revealed to be 春の嵐 (Haru no Arashi) and it will be released in two limited editions along with one regular edition.

And lastly, Tsunku has finally announced that S/mileage will be graduating from Hello! Project Eggs status and having their official debut under the Hello! Project umbrella during spring of next year. Something which I’m really looking forward to since I’ve enjoyed all of their indies releases.

Seems next year will be full of Hello! Project releases. Which is a very good thing in my book. ^^