SHOCK! – Suzuki Airi feat. °C-ute

C-ute’s latest single SHOCK! was broadcast on the radio quite some time ago but it only became apparent to me after watching the PV that this is basically a Suzuki Airi solo single. It’s a bit like Morning Musume’s 6th single, Furusato, (not quite as bad), with Airi having basically every line bar the chorus lines.

I like the song and the PV isn’t bad either, Airi looks great but I can’t help but feel that this was a little humiliating for the other girls in C-ute, particularly Maimi.

Check out the PV on the right, you can see Morning Musume’s Furusato as well – from 1999!

(The cover is edited by me, it doesn’t actually say Suzuki Airi feat. C-ute on the actual cover…)