Berryz Koubou new single and MELON’S NOT DEAD

On E-hon’s page after many days of checking, a new single for Berryz has shown up. It’s yet another double A side titled 友達は友達なんだ!/雄叫びボーイ WAO!(Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! / Otakebi Boy WAO!). The release date for the single is on 2010-03-03 while the single V is out a week later on 2010-03-10.

It was also announced recently that Melon Kinenbi will be releasing a new album next year titled MELON’S NOT DEAD on 2010-02-17. A great title I must say and I wonder if they’ll keep the sound they had during their collaboration singles, which were all quite good in my opinion. Seems next year is going to be loaded with Hello! Project and related releases.