Hello! Project Goods for Sale

As I’ve lived in Japan for approaching seven months now I’ve accumulated some Hello! Project goods I don’t actually need so I’m going to offer them here first to anyone interested! I’ll put the price in British Pounds and Dollars, postage is included! Any other currency is fine too, payment can be done through Paypal. First comment reserves their right to purchase desired item. Item will be shipped on day of payment if viable (not after 3pm JST).

Photobooks / 写真集

辻加護 (Tsujikago featuring Kago Ai & Tsuji Nozomi)

£14 / $22
Original Price 2300円

GO ON THE JOURNEY! (featuring Kago Ai) (Includes Poster) (SOLD)

£15 / $23
Original Price 2500円

BEST SHOT!! モーニング娘。(featuring Morning Musume)

£9 / $14
Original Price 980円 (Somewhat hard to find now)

/ Books

モーニング娘。を追いかけろ!(Morning Musume wo Oi Kakero!)

£9 / $14
Original Price 980円 (Quite rare nowadays)

モーニング娘。魔法のハート (Morning Musume, Heart of Magic) (Includes case, 14 mini books, two sets of stickers, and stamp set)

£28 / $32 (Is quite heavy to ship)
Original Price 3330円 (Rare!!)

Also, if anyone is looking for older or rarer goods I can have a look around some stores in Tokyo if you are really committed to purchasing something, such as photobooks, books, CDs and other merchandise.