News Updates

First of all an apology, this website has been terribly out of date lately due to my own busy schedule. Living, working and going to school in Japan is pretty hectic and although I myself keep up to date with J-Pop goings on, I haven’t been updating this website all too often. Furthermore, Hello! Project has overall pretty disappointed me this year so far – not one release has really grabbed my attention, Morning Musume’s last single was particularly a disappointment for me, I found it rather boring!

Which brings me on to some updates, Morning Musume will release their 43rd single, Seishun Collection on the 9th of June 2010. I’ll hold judgment until I hear a sample though I’m not crazy about the title. It’s also been announced today that Morning Musume will be supporters of the Shanghai Expo 2010 in China, which is a pretty big deal. The expo was pretty hyped about when I was in China last month so I hope Momusu get some good promo out of this.

In other news, Maeda Yuki’s new PV was released on Dohhup! today – so head over there and check it out!

If anyone is interested in helping me picking up the slack and writing for TH!P – comment here!