New Releases

A few new releases have been announced lately;

Revival Groups Compilation Singles (A&B Versions): To be Decided (2010-06-30) Akin to the shuffle singles of Hello! Project gone by, the revival groups will release two compilation singles this summer. Version A will contain songs from Tanpopo#, Pucchi Moni V & Shin-Mini Moni. While Version B will have songs from High King, ZYX-a, Aa! & Zoku v-u-den. I’m looking forward to hearing High-King, Aa! and v-u-den’s new songs, as for the others, I’ll wait until I hear previews to get excited.

Lilipri: Little Princess (2010-06-16) A new Hello! Project unit for the anime Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri which is basically S/mileage without Ogawa Saki who are also incidentally the original members of Shugo-Chara Egg! The three also are seiyuu in the anime. The song is pretty standard anime, nothing special.

COCOCREW feat. Ogawa Mano: COCOLULU SONG (2010-??-??) – The image song for a chain of shops in Japan called COCOLULU, I’ve never been to any myself so I’m not quite sure what they sell… The single will be sold only in COCOLULU stores so is effectively indie. The other members of COCOCREW are Robin, Eri~na & Tokki.