New Buono! Single Announced

Much to my complete and utter delight (because Buono! rocks my socks) the highly anticipated 11th single from Buono has been announced!  Believe me, my fangirl heart is just aflutter right now.  New Buono~!  Like many of the new singles announced in the past few weeks, it’s currently untitled.  The single will be released on February 2nd, 2011 and the Single V a week later.  It also appears that Buono! has been signed over to the Zetima label and are no longer on Pony Canyon’s.  This marks their first official release on their new label.

On one side of the card, I’m freaking excited about this release and on the other side, I’m bloody horrified about what Tsunku’s going to produce for Momo, Miya and Airi to sing.  Tsunku’s compositions haven’t been the best as of late and he’s got three crazily talented girls to work with who could likely do anything they set their minds to.  Their last single didn’t really wow me all that much and it felt like they were playing it rather safe.  I don’t know about any other Buono! fans but I hope they come out with something rocking.  I think they could really pull off a sound like the one from MELON’S NOT DEAD by Melon Kinenbi.