Slew of Digital Singles

Up Front seem to have finally discovered iTunes as a viable outlet for quick and easy music and have released quite a few digital singles by some of the Hello! Project girls recently. Unfortunately, they’re all covering the same songs and I do hope this isn’t the “Cover Series” that was announced earlier!

So far the following have been released and they’re all available for purchase on iTunes;

Niigaki Risa – Seinaru Kane Ga Hibiku Yoru
Tanaka Reina – Seinaru Kane Ga Hibiku Yoru
Tsugunaga Momoko – Seinaru Kane Ga Hibiku Yoru
Yajima Maimi – Seinaru Kane Ga Hibiku Yoru
Suzuki Airi – Seinaru Kane Ga Hibiku Yoru
Okai Chisato – Manatsu no Kousen
Okai Chisato Egao ni Namida ~Thank You My Dear Friends~

Tsugunaga Momoko and Suzuki Airi both managed to chart on the iTunes official chart coming in at 185 and 190 respectively with their cover of Tanpopo’s Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru. I’m not really a fan of this song, despite it’s festive feel.