Berryz Koubou does Sakura Con 2011

Courtesy of Hello!Online PicboardYou read that right, folks!  Berryz Koubou will be making their North American debut at Sakura Con 2011!  As announced by Captain herself at the last concert of BK’s fall tour.  It took Morning Musume over ten years to make their debut in North America so it’s great to see that the girls in Berryz are getting their chance to shine.  Their last single didn’t wow me at all (compared to Maji Bomber which I love) but regardless, it’s really great news to know that they’re making their way to Seattle in April.  I wish H!P would come up to one of the major cons in Canada but I really think the chances of that happening are slim to none.  However, I’d be all over that if they did come up here.  I’d blow the entirety of my savings to go to that particular convention.  Regardless, if you’ve got the time and money to spare, head on down to Sakura Con at the end of April and support Hello!Project.

If they get enough support, I bet you anything that they’ll make every attempt to cross over into the North American music scene.  I’d love to hear some more H!P english tracks.  Who knows, we just might get a revival of Coconuts Musume!  It really makes me wonder what songs their gonna pic for the setlist.  Of course, the BK staple Special Generation will be performed (it’s a given even if it’s overated) but I’d love to see a medley of the Inazuma Eleven themes (with the exception of Shining Power.)  Berryz Koubou and most of Hello!Project can pull off the Pop Rock genre with relative ease.

Excited yet?  I am! :D