Some Eggs Have Hatched

Sengoku Minami

It has recently been announced that Hello! Pro Egg members Sengoku Minami and Kikkawa Yuu have completed their training as members of Hello! Pro Egg.

No statement has been given on Sengoku’s future, though there is some speculation that she will join Morning Musume. This is purely fan speculation and I can’t say I’m convinced myself. She is a popular member of Hello! Pro Egg as well as a member of the semi-defunct Ongaku Gatas.

Hello! Project have however announced that Kikkawa Yuu will open the Hello! Project 2011 Winter Tour and her future activities will be announced at that time. This is quite important as Kikkawa is arguably one of the most popular and developed members of Hello! Pro Egg. She auditioned with Mitsui Aika to become a member of Morning Musume’s 8th generation but was unfortunately not chosen. Since then she has participated in many Hello! Pro Egg concerts and events as well as having an active role in theatre and indeed as a member of the unit MilkyWay.

Kikkawa Yuu

I’d guess that Kikkawa is going to launch a solo career or perhaps join Morning Musume as part of the 9th generation. She can definitely sing and already has a fanbase. I’d like to see her do either, I think Mano Erina has pretty much been unable to prove herself as a soloist as of yet.