Mori Saki completes H!P Egg training

Mori SakiAnd here comes Egg #4 to complete their H!P egg training!

It was announced on the Hello!Project fanclub page that H!P Egg Trainee Mori Saki has completed her training as H!P Egg.  Like Sengoku Minami, Mori will be staring in a stage play that will run from April 8th to 17th.  After that, there’s really no knowing what’s in store for Mori.  Here’s hoping  for new and exciting things for all the Eggs!

Sadly, I don’t really follow the eggs and therefore, know very little about them.  It’s very nice to see all of their hard work paying off though.  Those girls sing and dance their butts off in the concerts and there’s a lot of unused talent in the Eggs that definitely deserves to shine.  It’s about time that some of these talented gals finally get their chance to prove what they’re worth.

Congratulations Saki! :D

That leaves a good question in the fandom.

Who’s next?