Fan Club Events Galore!

And now for your regularly scheduled break in the new generation of Hello!Project news, I come to thee bearing news of some FC events for M-line!

First, it has been announced that First Generation Morning Musume member Abe Natsumi will be having a Fan Club Tour of Hokkaido which is currently untitled.  I think that it’s going to be a great event for all of Nacchi’s fans to be able go and see her live in action.  She has a very welcoming aura to her so I’m sure that many of her fans who have enjoyed these trips in the past will enjoy this one as well!  The tour is scheduled for 3 days and 2 nights from March 20 to 23.  Maybe some of the international fans will be able to attend this event as well. :)

Second, it was announced awhile ago that former Seventh Generation Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu would also be having a fanclub event as well.  It remained untitled for quite some time but it seems that Koharu has been able to decide on a name for the event and is dubbing is Koharu sai! Translated into english, this means “Koharu fest” and it seems like a rather interesting title to name her first solo fanclub event since leaving Morning Musume.  It leaves me wondering if she’ll be singing mainly from her solo material from the Kirarin Revolution anime?  It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard Koharu sing so I wonder if she’s been receiving any vocal training since she left Morning Musume a year ago.

Regardless, both events are going to be chock-full of fun and excitement and I hope that anyone who gets the opportunity to attend these events has a blast!