Solo Debut for Kikkawa Yuu!

Finally!  This excites me beyond all belief.  Seriously, I may not have followed Kikka very closely in the beginning but I know now that this girl would’ve been wasted in Morning Musume if she’d gotten in.  She’s got the biggest fanbase of all the eggs and finally let her personality out to shine!  I also sincerely believe that Kikka is going to go so much farther than Mano Erina.  There’s so much more charisma in Kikka than in Mano to me.  Mano is cute and everything but Kikka’s got SPUNK.  I like spunk.

At any rate, it’s been announced finally that former Hello!Pro Egg Kikkawa Yuu will have her solo debut in March.  This crazy talented girl’s debut single is called Kikkake wa YOU and will have four different versions.  Like S/mileage’s fourth single Shortcut, each version will have a different b-side to go along with it.  The b-sides for all of the singles will be the songs that she performed as the opening act for the Hello!Project winter 2011 concerts.  These songs include Sayonara Namida, Candy PoP and Fuyuzora Hanabi.

In a rare move for any Hello!Project member, Kikka has been signed to Universal Music Japan.  I’m sure that Tsunku will likely be writing her solo material but the fact that she isn’t with a label affiliated to Zetima will probably mean so much more promotion for her than any of the other artists under H!P.  She’s also slated to perform alongside BEAST and SDN48 at the UNIVERSAL DREAM LIVE 2011 event at Osaka and Universal Studios Japan on March 19th. Kikka also has over 10,000 subscribers to her mobile site already.

So who’s going to be the next H!P Egg to debut? Mori Saki also recently completed her Egg training so there’s no knowing what’s going to happen next.  Actually, there’s a lot of exciting coming out of H!P lately.  Buono are back in action, Berryz Koubou’s got a new album coming out this year, C-ute are releasing good songs again and Morning Musume’s set for what seems to be quite the comeback.

Expect a H!P news roundup in the next couple of days!