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  • Jay 11:56 pm on 2010-12-01 Permalink | Reply  

    New Buono! Single Announced 

    Much to my complete and utter delight (because Buono! rocks my socks) the highly anticipated 11th single from Buono has been announced!  Believe me, my fangirl heart is just aflutter right now.  New Buono~!  Like many of the new singles announced in the past few weeks, it’s currently untitled.  The single will be released on February 2nd, 2011 and the Single V a week later.  It also appears that Buono! has been signed over to the Zetima label and are no longer on Pony Canyon’s.  This marks their first official release on their new label.

    On one side of the card, I’m freaking excited about this release and on the other side, I’m bloody horrified about what Tsunku’s going to produce for Momo, Miya and Airi to sing.  Tsunku’s compositions haven’t been the best as of late and he’s got three crazily talented girls to work with who could likely do anything they set their minds to.  Their last single didn’t really wow me all that much and it felt like they were playing it rather safe.  I don’t know about any other Buono! fans but I hope they come out with something rocking.  I think they could really pull off a sound like the one from MELON’S NOT DEAD by Melon Kinenbi.

    • IchigoAmu 11:26 pm on 2011-01-06 Permalink | Reply

      I was wondering if the new single has come out yet?? Because it’s been January 2 abd I haven’t heard anything…

  • Michi 11:49 am on 2010-01-25 Permalink | Reply  

    Berryz’s 6th album and Kamei Eri’s Photobook 

    Neowing has a page up for Berryz Koubou’s 6th album which will be titled  6th 雄叫び(6th Osakebi) and will be released on 2010-03-31. It will be released in 2 versions, a regular CD and CD/DVD version.

    Kamei Eri’s new photobook will be titled ‘sweet’ and it’s released date will be on 2010-02-25 as previously mentioned.

    Buono!, Guardians 4 and Shugo Chara Egg will be releasing a compilation album in conjuction with Shugo-Chara! Its release will be 2010-03-10.

    • Charlotte 8:40 am on 2010-01-28 Permalink | Reply

      Can’t wait ^^
      Feels like a lot of groups are bringing out new albums recently

  • TH!P 7:00 pm on 2009-12-19 Permalink | Reply  

    New Buono! Single & Album 

    It was announced today that Hello! Project trio, Buono!, will release their 10th single, entitled Our Songs and their 3rd album, We Are Buono!, next year.

    Buono! – We Are Buono! (3rd Album)
    価格: ¥3,059[税込]
    発売日:2010/02/10 1枚[CD]
    レーベル:PONY CANYON

    価格: ¥3,675[税込]
    発売日:2010/02/10 2枚[CD+DVD]
    レーベル:PONY CANYON

    Buono! – Our Songs (TVアニメ「しゅごキャラ!! どきっ」ED4)
    価格: ¥1,050[税込]
    発売日:2010/02/03 1枚[CD]
    レーベル:PONY CANYON
    価格: ¥1,575[税込]
    発売日:2010/02/03 2枚[CD+DVD]
    レーベル:PONY CANYON

    • arialockheart 12:33 am on 2009-12-20 Permalink | Reply

      Yay! More releases for Buono! I can’t wait for previews.

    • arialockheart 1:37 am on 2009-12-20 Permalink | Reply

      Pony canyon’s site has a name for the third album, it’s called ‘We are Buono!’

    • strawberrie 4:26 am on 2009-12-21 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the update. Totally going to pre-order my copies.

    • can i have momoko for xmas please..xx 12:14 pm on 2009-12-29 Permalink | Reply

      私はクリスマスしてください。ための桃子することができます… … XのXの

      sorry just found a new translater, just want to check it

    • can i have momoko for xmas please..xx 12:18 pm on 2009-12-29 Permalink | Reply

      lol…. i just went from japanese to english..

      it sounds rude…lol

      it is ment to say “can i have momoko for christmas”
      but when i put it back in to english it says
      “Christmas I please. Momoko can be for the X-.. X”

      as much as i would love to have some X..X with momoko , its not what i planned to say…lol sorry..xx

  • TH!P 5:29 pm on 2009-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

    New Singles for Buono! & Guardians 4 

    Yet more releases have been announced today, this time from the latest issue of Nakayoshi Magazine! Buono! will release their 8th single, Cosmic Eyes, on 2009-07-22 which will be the theme for a special week of Shugo Chara Doki.

    Also, despite the somewhat modest sales of Guardians 4s debut single, they will release their second single on 2009-08-26 – seems like a very long way away right now!

    I’m looking forward to both singles though I hope Guardians 4 have a better PV and somewhat strong melody, also I’d like to see Shugo-Chara Egg! have their own version on the single, like the first single.

    • arialockheart 7:07 pm on 2009-06-03 Permalink | Reply

      There’s also a new single for No Sleeves on July 29…the same day as Mano’s new single.

    • 亜田夢 11:09 pm on 2009-06-03 Permalink | Reply

      Indeed, they have an album coming out soon too – I don’t think they’re too much competition for Mano though, unless their single has a major tie-in or is astonishingly better than the last~

    • arialockheart 1:42 am on 2009-06-04 Permalink | Reply

      I didn’t know about the album! That’s good news for me…I happen to like No Sleeves a lot. XD

  • TH!P 12:44 am on 2008-11-26 Permalink | Reply  

    New Buono! Single (01/26) & Album (02/11) 

    Just after the release of their 5th single Buono! are due to release their sixth on 2009-01-26 and will follow with an album under a month later on 2009-02-11! Pretty rapid releases from the trio! Both titles are currently unknown.

    Single Details

    http://www.towerrecords.co.jp/sitemap/C … ORT_CD=101 (Limited CD / DVD)
    http://www.towerrecords.co.jp/sitemap/C … ORT_CD=101 (Regular CD Only)
    http://www.towerrecords.co.jp/sitemap/C … ORT_CD=103 (Single V) (2009-02-04)

    Album Details

    http://www.towerrecords.co.jp/sitemap/C … ORT_CD=101 (Limited CD / DVD)
    http://www.towerrecords.co.jp/sitemap/C … ORT_CD=101 (Regular CD Only)

  • TH!P 10:57 pm on 2008-11-20 Permalink | Reply  

    Oricon Update 

    Lots of Hello! Project artists are in Oricon this week and I also have the sales figures for some of the artists from last week;

    Milky Way;

    Milky Way’s 2nd, TANTANTAAN!, single ranked at #63 in it’s 3rd week of sales and is currently at 22,624 copies. A lot less than their debut single. It’s currently outside the daily charts.

    Berryz Koubou;

    Berryz Koubou’s 18th single, MADAYADE, single ranked at #50 in it’s 2nd week of sales and is currently at 24,936 copies. Quite a bit lower than their recent releases but not too awful.


    Buono!’s 5th single, Rottara Rottara, ranked at #8 in it’s 1st week of sales with 22,484 copies being sold. It’s currently outside the daily charts but ranked at #12 at the start of the week.

    Satoda Mai;

    Mai’s 2nd single ranked above Buono!’s in it’s 1st week of sales at #7 with sales of 25,788! A great success for Mai, it’s currently at #45 in the dailt charts.


    The Yoshizawa and Ishikawa duet, HANGRY & ANGRY’s debut mini-album debuted at #23 on the daily charts this weekand currently sits at #49. This isn’t actually too awful as it’s an indie release.


    Canaria Club member Ogamana’s debut single Spin Rock debuted at #15 in the daily charts and is at #20 today. This is pretty impressive for a relatively unknown new soloist from a relatively unknown indies group!

    • Kenny Yi 2:00 am on 2008-11-21 Permalink | Reply

      Wow. It’s a posinegative week for the H!P/NG!P girls =P

    • Mierna 3:12 am on 2008-11-22 Permalink | Reply

      Satoda will do FAR better outside of H!P. ^^


  • TH!P 2:10 pm on 2008-11-12 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-11-12) 


    • Melon Kinenbi / Miyoshi ErikaKaba 2 (e-Lineup Exclusive Theater DVD)
    • Buono! Rottara Rottara (5th Single) (Limited with DVD)
    • C-uteC-ute Concert Tour 2008 ~Wasuretakunai Natsu~ (Concert DVD)
    • Satoda Mai x Goda KyodaiMou Sugu Christmas (2nd Single)

    I always enjoy it when two Hello! Project acts go head to head in Oricon and this week we have two pretty popular acts; Buono! and Satoda Mai. I was a little dubious as to how Mai’s 2nd single would do as her first sold under 2,000 copies. This time round though she a more popular supporting act as well a funner song, I wouldn’t necessarily say the song is better than her first though – just very different. Mou Sugu Christmas debuted at No.6 in the Oricon charts! Not too shabby at all!

    Buono!’s 5th single, Rottara Rottara debuted two ahead at No.4, better than Berryz Koubou’s last single’s debut ranking. Good luck to both singles!

    • Kenny Yi 10:02 pm on 2008-11-12 Permalink | Reply

      I was wondering how Mai’s single ranked so high, and then I figured out that Goda Kyodai had misono.

      And then I went ‘OHHHHHHH.’


    • 亜田無 12:39 am on 2008-11-13 Permalink | Reply

      misono isn’t as popular as you may think – If this single maintains it’s top ten ranking it will be her highest charting single as well I believe.

    • michael 7:28 am on 2008-11-13 Permalink | Reply

      Mai is probably the most popular H!P member in the general public.
      Simply because of that hexagon show.
      Also Mou Sugu Christmas is limited to 30,000 copies :\

    • jun 8:50 pm on 2008-11-19 Permalink | Reply

      to me mai new single is great really i dident know it was going to be limited copies

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