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  • TH!P 3:49 pm on 2010-01-31 Permalink | Reply  

    Da Xiao Jie to release repackaged album 

    In honour of Chinese New Year, Hello! Project Taiwan duet Da Xiao Jie (大小姐)will re-release their debut album under the title Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie “Year of the Tiger Edition.” The repackaged album will include one new track, Bling Bling過新年 (Bling Bling Guo Xin Nian, Bling Bling Crossing over to the New Year)

    The album will be released on 2010-02-03. Where are releases from Ice Creamusume…?

    • Talia 12:20 pm on 2010-02-04 Permalink | Reply

      “Where are releases from Ice Creamusume…?”

      Good question!

    • laruku444 6:23 am on 2010-02-12 Permalink | Reply

      There should be a limit to H!P musicians. These are kids, Ice Creamusume was actually good. All they sing are kids songs anyway.

    • Piper_G 10:55 am on 2010-02-14 Permalink | Reply

      If kids’ songs sell well, then H!P will sell kids songs. See also Minimoni. =)

      I think the girls are cute and it shows that they’re having a lot of fun. As long as they’re treated well I’m fine with it. I would certainly like to see more out of ICM though, too. A few more original songs on their next album would make me very happy.

  • TH!P 5:38 pm on 2009-03-01 Permalink | Reply  

    New Hello! Pro Taiwan Duet 

    You may remember these two young girls form the Taiwanese Hello! Project audtions last year. Frances & Aiko both lost out being in the final group, which was a good thing in my opinion as they are far too young to debut. However, Up-Front has apparently decided that these two are a worthwhile group and they now have an official artist profile on the Hello! Project website. Whether they will release anything remains to be seen, I personally hope not – they’re just too young!

    • keiisgoingherway 6:52 pm on 2009-03-01 Permalink | Reply

      How old are they?O_o

    • Kenny Yi 8:31 pm on 2009-03-01 Permalink | Reply

      Frances is 8 and Aiko is 6. [According to International WOTA]

      Oh lawdy, desperate need of vocal lessons.

      Rofl, I’m watching a video and it looks like one of them is doing a striptease and the other is doing traditional folk songs ._.

    • イサメキ 10:43 pm on 2009-03-01 Permalink | Reply

      All I know is that Frances is ridiculously adorable.

      I think I saw a picture of them dancing with Koharu some weeks back?

    • Nayoko 12:26 am on 2009-03-02 Permalink | Reply

      Kenny Yi: Frances and Aiko performed as dancers with Koharu during the 2009 H!P Winter Concerts. According to some Ice Creamusume blogs, they worked very hard in dance practice for their performances.

    • Nozofan 6:31 pm on 2009-03-02 Permalink | Reply

      I think they are too young T_T

    • Puppy 10:00 pm on 2009-03-02 Permalink | Reply

      Cute, is one of the girls the one that kiss Reina?

    • atsui 11:10 pm on 2009-03-02 Permalink | Reply

      they are so adorable.. Francis <33 maan.. 8 and 6 yrs old though??

    • Caitlin 12:37 am on 2009-03-03 Permalink | Reply

      That is not cool..

      It might be a plan to make another W.

      But I agree.. WAY TOO YOUNG..

    • goliso 10:30 pm on 2009-03-14 Permalink | Reply

      It’s too bad W is defunct. They could do some kind of spin off. MiniW or something like that. It would be really cute.
      But it is a bit disconcerning that these two are so young and in show business… but then, I think it’s like that just about anywhere you go…

    • Sozomusume 5:05 am on 2009-04-08 Permalink | Reply

      I doubt that they’re going to be a spin off of W. When they get alittle older they’ll probably do little kid songs like Minimoni. They might be the start of a Taiwanese version of Hello! Project Kids.

      They can’t possably become singing unit so soon. I watched the video where one of them sang “Hana wo Pu~n” and the other one sang “Ai~n Taisou”. Although it was cute they are too yound too tell weither or not they can really sing good. I used to sing like that when I was little and everyone used to say how good I was, now my singing voice sounds like a dying cat. XD

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