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  • TH!P 12:42 am on 2007-08-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases 

    • Chocolove from AKB48: Mail no Namida – Chocolove from AKB48’s second single. Released in both regular and limited editions.
    • GAM: 2007 Hatsu Natsu ~Great Aya & Miki~ – GAM’s first concert tour release on DVD
    • Matsuura Aya: Egao – Matsuura Aya’s 19th single, the theme for NTV News 24.
    • Kumai Yurina: Yurina – The debut solo photobook of Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina.
    • Canaria Club: Seishun Banzai Single V – The DVD release of Canaria Club’s second single featuring the PV and other clips.

    Quite a few releases today; Firstly Chocolove from AKB48’s second single titled Mail no Namida. As with their last single this is released in four versions; one limited edition with a DVD featuring the PV and the making-of and three regular editions featuring a different solo version for each member on each. Considering AKB48’s track record this should do quite well I think. Matsuura Aya’s 19th single Egao has also been released. It’s a very slow gentle ballad and it’s rather nice, it’s daily ranking in the Oricon charts is #8 today, I hope it makes top ten but I’m not holding my breath. Other notable releases include Kumai Yurina’s first photobook and GAM’s first concert DVD. Canaria Club have also released their latest Single V…

    • rasune7 1:36 am on 2007-08-28 Permalink | Reply

      oh cool! can’t wait to hear the other versions

    • Haris 1:49 am on 2007-08-28 Permalink | Reply

      eh, i thought this will release tomorrow?

  • TH!P 12:17 am on 2007-06-23 Permalink | Reply  

    GAM are Go! 

    GAM are set to release their fourth single this coming August, it’s titled Atsui Tamashii. It was the new song I discussed earlier this month that is being performed in GAM’s first cocnert tour. It’s nice to see that even after Fujimoto’s scandal GAM are still going to be making releases, which makes me wonder why GAM aren’t part of the Elder Club but are rather part of the Mysterious Orange Club. 

    • Anonymous 10:39 am on 2007-06-23 Permalink | Reply

      They are under the orange category because both Aya and Fujimoto is under Elder Club as solo artist! They don’t put in the same artist twice. The Orange category is artist that belong to some other group already or isin’t still in H!P.

    • Anton_91 10:40 am on 2007-06-23 Permalink | Reply

      ^ That was me who wrote that, forgot to leave name and email. :P

    • Totally Hello! Project 12:51 pm on 2007-06-23 Permalink | Reply

      I still don’t see why GAM can’t be in the elder club, they’ll obvisoully perform together in the Elder Club.

  • TH!P 7:41 pm on 2007-05-27 Permalink | Reply  

    GAM 1st Concert Tour 2007 Shoka Natsu ~Great Aya & Miki~ 

    Boy that’s a long post title, isn’t it?

    GAM’s first concert tour began yesterday and looking at the track listing for the concert it’s looking pretty good! I’m especially glad to see Gomattou’s SHALL WE LOVE? which was also recently covered by °C-ute at their first full solo concert. Other notable tracks, besides GAM’s own singles and album tracks are Matsuura’s solo version of Suki Sugite Baka Mitai, Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto’s 1st single: Shining Itoshiki Anata, From That Sky ~Kaedama wa Katamen de~ from Matsuura’s second album: T.W.O, Namida GIRL from Fujimoto’s first album and finally a brand new, never before seen track, Atsui Tamashi.

    Full Track Listing:

    1. 甘い誘惑 (Amai Yuuwaku)
    2. LU LU LU
    3. 愛情オアシス (Aijou Oasis)
    4. MC1
    5. イチャイチャ Summer (Ichaicha Summer)
    7. MC2
    8. 好きすぎて バカみたい (Suki Sugite Baka Mitai) – Matsuura Aya
    9. シャイニング 愛しき貴方 (Shining Itoshiki Anata) – Fujimoto Miki
    10. MC3
    11. 蜃気楼ロマンス (Shinkirou Romance)
    12. メロディーズ (Melodies)
    13. 愛の船 (Ai no Fune)
    14. 熱い魂 (Atsui Tamashi)
    15. MC4
    16. ここで キスして (Koko de Kisu shite)
    17. From That Sky~替え玉は硬メンで~ (From That Sky ~Kaedama wa Katamen de~)
    18. 純潔~Only~ (Junketsu ~Only~)
    19. 涙GIRL (Namida Girl)
    20. FAMILY


    1. ・・・H
    2. MC5
    3. Thanks!*


  • TH!P 8:28 pm on 2007-05-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Review – 1st GAM~Amai Yuuwaku~ 

    GAM’s latest album 1st GAM ~Amai Yuuwaku~  was released on the 23rd of March. This review will be a track by track review with a final overall score.

    Track 1 – Thanks!

    GAM’s first single which was released last September, I’m sure most people reading this have already heard it. It’s a good single though for some reason I can’t help but feeling it would have worked better as the last track of the album. Anyway, this track gets a good 8/10.

    Track 2 –  Junketsu ~Only~

    The first new track on the album opens with a fairly upbeat feeling to it, it’s sort of disco I suppose. Both Fujimoto and Matsuura of course sound great in this and it’s got a great melody, the chorus especially is really nice. 8/10

    Track  3 – Melodies

    GAM’s second single, Melodies was released last October and when I first heard it I was totally in love with it, Matsuura and Fujimoto sound great in this ballad though sometimes either one is overpowered by the other in joint lines. It’s good a great melody and I’m sure most of you have heard it and seen the PV. 8/10

    Track 4 – Ai no Fune

    This track starts in a manner I can only describe as “cheesy commercial,” however after the introduction we are greeted to Matsuura and Fujimoto harmonising very nicely in what becomes a pretty stable melody. The song is a kind of upbeat ballad and is quite enjoyable. Again, the chorus is what makes this track good. 7/10

    Track 5 – Koko de Kisu shite

    In contrast to track 4 I absolutely love the introduction to this song, it’s pretty fantastic. The melody itself is really good accented with brief violin sections, which are very nice. (I’m having difficulty remembering the technical term at the moment, which is pretty awful considering I play violin). Overall, a strong track. 8/10

    Track 6 – LU LU LU

    GAM’s latest single, LU LU LU was released on the 21st of March 2007. Ignoring the strange title of the song, LU LU LU is a really fantastic single. I find it pretty hard to fault this one, it has a great opening, great chorus and Fujimoto and Matsuura sound perfect. 9/10.

    Track 7 – Ichaicha Summer

    When this song started I cringed slightly, the introduction is not of my taste and it overall just sounded pretty strange to me. The song as a whole isn’t terrible but it does have that whispered “icha” repeated throughout it which I don’t like. 6/10

    Track 8 – Aijou Oasis

    For me, the opening of the song is very important as it’s what allows me to listen to it in the first place. This song has a really nice opening and it’s unlike any of the other tracks on this album. The song as a whole, in need of a better word, is pretty cool. 7/10

    Track 9 – …H

    Again, ignoring the strange title of this track the song isn’t bad. It’s a disco/dance track and is okay though a little dull for my tastes, it’s lacking much instrumentals and is mainly electronic. The chorus is nice though. 6/10

    Track 10 – Amai Yuuwaku

    The title of the album, Amai Yuuwaku is an unbeat Morning Musume style song. The song is okay though it’s not really my kind of song, it reminds me of Manatsu no Kousen, though not as good. 6/10

    Track 11 – Thanks! (Yuuwaku Remix)

    Usaully I don’t much like remixes, but this one is rather good. It takes away the electronic replacements of the original and replaces it with strings, light percussion and piano. This song in comparisson with the original allows you to hear the vocals of Matsuura and Fujimoto better, for me it displays that Matsuura is the stronger singer of the two.  8/10

    Overall Score: 8/10 This is a strong first album from GAM with a good selection of tracks and no really awful ones. It’s one of the best Hello! Project albums I’ve seen in a while.

  • TH!P 11:21 pm on 2007-05-22 Permalink | Reply  

    May 23rd Releases 

    May 23rd

    Banzai Futsal 2 – Gatas Brilhantes H.P (DVD) ¥ 2,625
    1st GAM~Amai Yuuwaku – GAM (1st Album) (Audio CD) (Regular Edition) ¥ 3,150
    1st GAM~Amai Yuuwaku – GAM (1st Album) (Audio CD/DVD) (Limited Edition) ¥ 3,780
    Koi Suru Angel Heart v-u-den (8th Single) (Audio CD) (Regular Edition) ¥ 1,050
    Koi Suru Angel Heart v-u-den (8th Single) (Audio CD/DVD) (Special Edition) ¥ 1,680
    Oyaji no Kokoro ni Tomotta Chiisana Hi – Satoda Mai & Fujioka Fujimaki (Single) (Audio CD) ¥ 1,050

    Quite a day of releases today, two singles, an album and a DVD. The DVD is about Gatas Brilhantes H.P so for me, that’s not too interesting. However, we have GAM’s great first album as well as v-u-den’s new single Koi Suru Angel Heart.

    Satoda Mai’s first solo release was also released today, her duet with Fujioka Fujimaki was interesting, I’ll be reviewing that later.

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